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Business Intelligence

5 Ways To Maximize Your Salesforce Data

When it comes to sales metrics, everything from your pipeline to your revenue is mission critical—so your analytics solution needs to be fast, easy and talk seamlessly with your entire data ecosystem. Salesforce is one of the most widely used customer relationship management tools in business today, and the data collected with it is vital to decision making throughout every sales organization. Saving time in every step of your sales data workflow is fundamental. From accessing and analyzing complex data sets, publishing interactive dashboards, and sharing across your organization, for your sales data to be impactful, the insight-to-decision process must be swift.[Read More..]

How to Improve Performance Management in Government

As government operations face a ‘new normal’ of fiscal restraints alongside an ever-growing need for greater accountability, new trends in measuring performance management promise opportunity for growth, sustainability and efficiency improvements. [Read More..]

The Must Do's of Marketing Dashboard

Modern marketers need to know how to measure and share performance outcomes of their programs in real-time—and what agile decision making, based on these outcomes, really entails. They'll need to blend data from multiple source channels and select the best metrics for their dashboards. Lastly, they need to visually showcase data for organizational alignment and client reporting. Not to mention having colorful, interactive and innovative marketing dashboards, just for that extra polish. [Read More..]

A New Era of Transparency: 5 Best Practices of Open Data in Government

One of the most anticipated policies, and greatest challenges facing modern governments, is that on data transparency and efficiency. Coupled with a new era of data-driven innovation, the pressure for governments to become more transparent results in the need for governments to not only effectively learn data science, but to also be able to present data in a compelling manner—all while keeping security a priority. [Read More..]

Data Visualization

5 Lessons from History's Early Data Rockstars

Data visualization has a rich and exciting history. The pioneers, data rockstars in their day, developed new ways of looking at and showing data. What are the most important lessons we can learn from and apply to what we do today? Anyone who has ever tried to change their corner of the world by communicating data to others will be inspired by these early day data rockstars. [Read More..]

5 Best Practices for Telling Great Data Stories - And Why it Will Make You a Better Analyst

Data stories can bring facts to life. They can help you make sense and order out of a disparate collection of facts. They make it easier to remember key points and can paint a vivid picture of what the future can look like. Stories also create interactivity—people put themselves into stories and can relate to the situation. [Read More..]

Visual Analysis Best Practice: A Guidebook

You made a visualization! Congratulations: you are part of a small but growing group that’s taking advantage of the power of visualization. However, bringing your visualizations from “good” to “great” takes time, patience, attention to detail, and some basic knowledge of visual analysis best practices. Luckily, we have compiled an important list of techniques to get you started. [Read More..]

On Tableau

Google BigQuery & Tableau: Best Practices

Optimizing the two technologies together will yield significant performance gains, shorten design cycles, and help users and organizations become more successful. In this paper, we will discuss techniques to optimize data modeling and query formation to maximize the responsiveness of visualizations. We will also discuss techniques to get the best cost efficiency when using Tableau and BigQuery together. [Read More..]

4 Charts Every Social Media Manager Needs

Measuring and monitoring social media impact by simply looking at growth of followers or reach is no longer enough to be successful as a social media manager. Whether you’re evaluating your social media investments or identifying areas of opportunity, understanding these four ways to visualize your social media data will give you a new level of insight: [Read More..]

Tableau Secure Software Development

Tableau understands that data is among the most strategic and important assets an organization has. Therefore we have a strong commitment to the security of our products and services. We often get questions from enterprise customers about how we test the security of our software. In this paper, we will share with you some of the practices and approaches we use internally to identify, test and address potential security vulnerabilities in our products. The goal is to provide an overview of the broader security lifecycle that enables Tableau to deliver secure, high-quality products. [Read More..]

Tableau Server 9.0 High Availability: Delivering Mission-Critical Analytics in The Flow

Business intelligence is becoming a mission-critical function for the modern organization. Teams rely on rapid-fire analytics to make decisions that matter right now not in hours or days. This reliance on data demands a high degree of availability for the supporting systems, requiring systems that are fast and easy to configure to meet the availability needs of the business. In this whitepaper, you'll learn: [Read More..]

Industry Analysts

It's Time for User-Driven Enterprise BI Strategy

Even after doing their best for over 20 years to build centralized, scalable information architecture, Forrester surveys find that only a small percentage of organizations' data is actually converted to useful information in time to leverage it for better insight and decisions. [Read More..]

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2014

The innovation in data and analytics continues to accelerate, transforming the staid old business intelligence industry into a new source of value for the enterprise. The result has been data in the hands of more people and the ability to drive better decisions. From noSQL to predictive analytics, here we've gathered the top 10 business intelligence trends for 2014. [Read More..]