Tableau for Tech Support

Tableau outstanding and remarkable features and services are what make it the perfect tool for improving profitability. It can help you to develop a system to help you track, evaluate and manage your cases more effectively:
  • Manage team workflow.
  • Evaluate work efficiency.
  • Optimize internal and external resources.
  • Provide feedback to other departments.
  • Quantify team achievement.
Quickly visualize and and easily analyze your data are the key to business value acquirement. Contact us to find out more how Tableau can help you to achieve success for your organization.

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Case Overview

Make better decisions based on case data
An executive overview provides a high-level look at case activity within the department. The top chart allows you to keep an eye on your total case volume and its changes over time. The bottom three charts let you see case by product, origin and type. This overview data is crucial for managers. For example during budget squeezes, this dashboard could be used to defend headcount on your team. In this example, your weekly case volume has been rising dramatically in the past three years except for a couple of temporary dips. Cutting jobs in your department will likely cause longer waiting periods for customers and a much heavier workload for current employees. For companies proactive about improving products and services, case data organized by product, type and origin offers an excellent place to start. Look at products and types that pop up in support cases most often to identify areas ripe for improvement. Case origin information can also help you communicate more effectively with your customers by understanding which contact channels customers use most.

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Closed Case Evaluation

Evaluate your team efficiency
Managing team efficiency is a challenge for every manager. Does your team handle enough cases each week? How many of your employees are working each week—and how many cases are resolved per employee? What is the average duration of your cases? And how does a particular product category, case origin or case type affect that? This closed case evaluation dashboard has the answers. Use the filter panel to explore your data and make discoveries. Go through these metrics with your team—motivate them by highlighting successes and identify situations where your team may need a little help. This is where a great manager can truly make a difference. Do you want other metrics to measure your team? Or do you want to change the colors and chart types? Go for it. Tableau makes it easy for you to adjust your views.

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Open Case Workbench

Create a platform to manage your open cases
You know you have many open cases, but how many, and at what priorities? How long are cases lingering? Who owns them? These are the questions a tech support manager needs to answer every single day. And with near real-time dashboards in Tableau—like this Open Case Workbench—you can have the answers at-a-glance. Click on the priority band at the top to filter down all your details by priorities or click anywhere on the three charts in the middle to see more detail. Better yet, you can click on the open case record at the bottom to go to Salesforce to see case changes and updates. And if you have set up a schedule for instant refresh, the new changes and updates will be reflected back to your dashboard almost immediately.

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