Tableau for IT Management

Tableau outstanding and remarkable features and services are what make it the perfect tool for improving profitability. It can help you to analyze your own performance and improve your efficiency. No matter where your data is stored, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), SQL Server, Splunk, Google Analytics, Excel or any other commonly used databases, Tableau can help with:
  • Critical hardware systems and infrastructure monitoring.
  • Database and servers management.
  • Help desk ticketing and staffing.
  • Hardware inventory tracking and projecting future needs.
  • Team achievement and process efficiency evaluation.
  • Return on investment measurement.
  • Vendors and budget management.
  • Project and portfolio management.
  • Change management.
Quickly visualize and and easily analyze your data are the key to business value acquirement. Contact us to find out more how Tableau can help you to achieve success for your organization.

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System Availability

Ensure system availability and minimize downtime Whether you manage websites, databases, or servers, one of the most critical tasks in IT is to ensure sufficient system availability and minimize downtime. In this example, three websites are monitored at near real time by publishing Google Analytics data to Tableau Server and scheduling an automatic data refresh. The top view measures the response time and success status for every customer landing on the three websites. To investigate error details, you can click on any error point and use the tool-tip menu to drill down to the error report inside the workbook, or connect to the reports that are provided by your dotcom monitoring service providers. The bottom views display the overall health of your website by response time and uptime percentages.

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System Capacity

Manage your virtual machine capacity more effectively As virtual machines become the new norm in many organizations, managing them easily and effectively is becoming a must. How many VMs do you have? Who is using them? How does your usage change over time? Which hosts are they living on? All these questions can be answered by this simply designed dashboard which can be automatically updated as new data becomes available. Have different questions or more questions? Adjusting or adding more views is just a few clicks away. Want to blend with other business data and analyze how your capacity matches with your business needs? You can join or blend data easily with Tableau without writing a single line of code.

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Help Desk Analytics

A ticketing management system that works Ticketing is one of the core functions of any IT department. Without an effective management and evaluation system, ticketing can easily turn into chaos: overwhelming numbers of cases, long case durations, duplicated task assignments, lost cases and so on. With Tableau, you can build a visualization to help you track, evaluate and manage your cases more effectively. This example provides three levels of insights for your ticketing team. Case overview provides a high-level look at case activity within the department. Case evaluation lets you see how effective you team is in resolving cases. Lastly, the open case workbench creates a platform that every remember of your team can use to track and manage their workload.

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