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Tableau 9.1 makes data accessible wherever it lives.

  • Web Data Connector. A new Web Data Connector lets you bring any web data source into Tableau. Find pre-built connectors from Tableau and the community, or write your own.
  • SDK. Create and use Tableau Data Extracts across Tableau Desktop, Online, and Server. Our unified SDK lets you automate your workflow; connect to data, extract, and publish.
  • Amazon Aurora. Connect to Amazon Aurora, a fast relational database-as-a-service from Amazon Web Services.
  • Google Cloud SQL. Connect to Google Cloud SQL, a feature-filled MySQL database hosted in the cloud.
  • SAP. Improve processing speed when connecting to SAP HANA and SAP BW with new support for variables. Skip entering user credentials with SSO authentication for SAP HANA Server.


Explore your data on the go with Tableau Mobile. Download our mobile app today.

  • Beautiful Design. High-resolution thumbnails, a new navigation experience, and improved performance bring data exploration to your fingertips.
  • Offline Snapshots. Access your favorite vizzes and workbooks—even when you're not connected. High-resolution, offline images let you view your analysis anytime, anywhere.
  • Edit on the Fly. Authoring enhancements, including an improved Saving/Exporting experience.
  • Enterprise Security. Stay secure on Tableau Mobile with data encryption and support for Kerberos, SAML, and more.


Easy enterprise deployments with flexible authentication for your security ecosystem.

  • Product Update for Desktop. Product Update ensures users have the latest maintenance release of Tableau Desktop, helping your organization stay secure. Learn more about using Product Update in the enterprise.
  • Active Directory Sync. Active Directory Synchronization updates Tableau Server with your latest AD groups settings.
  • Mutual SSL. Offer a secure and automatic Tableau Server sign-in experience across devices with SSL Client Certificates and Mutual SSL.
  • SML Logout. Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley SSO requirements using SAML Logout for Tableau Server. We now support logout actions initiated by Tableau Server and SAML Identity Providers.

Visual Analytics

Ask deeper questions of your data with improved visual analytics features.

  • Distance Management. View proximity in the radial selection tool.
  • Pan Zoom Control. Keep the focus on critical data by disabling Pan and Zoom in maps.
  • Smart Histogram. Quickly dial into the right bin size with smart suggestions based on your data.
  • Calculation Editor in Dialogue. Create filter formulas quicker with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and validation support.
  • Improve Analytics Pane. Drag and drop median lines and confidence intervals directly from the Analytics Pane.

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