ORTech Voice Traffic Analyzer

ORTech Voice Traffic Analyzer

ORTech Voice Traffic Analyzer (VTA) is our flagship product. VTA is designed to provide telecommunication service providers with an all-in-one voice traffic analysis solution for Fixed, Mobile and VoIP call traffics.
Telecommunications companies are facing an increasingly complex market in terms of both competitors and opportunities for growth. Success requires leveraging your unique assets – including the huge volumes of data collected every day - to analyze customer behavior, optimize pricing, create new services, eliminate fraud and optimize network capacity.
The challenge for both service providers and telecom software vendors like ORtech is how to manage all this data and make it quickly available to business users for analysis – without spending a fortune or months on implementation.

VTA has been developed to met the challenge without the complexity and cost of traditional approaches including:

  • Manages millions of call detail records every day.
  • Loads data every few minutes to make it available to carrier in near-real time.
  • Stores four times the amount of data in a small hardware footprint.
  • Provides blazing query performance with no DBA work or tuning.

Key Benefits

  • • Close to real-time reporting.
  • • Allows faster reaction to remedy voice call performance issues.
  • • Web-based application - accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • • Useful and practical tools for various departments such as Operations & Maintenance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Planning
  • • Suitable for small to Enterprise class Voice Telephony providers.

Supported Traffic Indicators

  • • Bids, Seizure, Answer
  • • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR%)
  • • Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER%)
  • • Average Call Duration (ACD)
  • • Total Call Duration (TCD)
  • • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • • Ring No Answer , Technical Faults, Busy, Abandon, Congestion calls
  • • Answer Bids Ratio (ABR%)
  • • Seizure Bids Ratio (SBR%)

Whose is it for?

  • • ITSPs single or multiple POPs/VoIP Gateways in one or more locations.
  • • Wholesale carriers wishing to have close to real-time monitoring of voice quality performance.
  • • Key Management of any carriers that need a dashboard showing their business voice quality performance.
  • • Service Assurance team of any carriers that require effective and timely issues troubleshooting and resolution of call failures.
  • • Planning and Development team of any carriers that need a tool to plan for network expansion.
  • • Sales and Marketing team of any carriers that need to check account status of partners from outside office.

Supports All Types of CDR From Various Switch Vendors

We have work with the following products for our existing customers:
  • • VoizBridge soft-switch
  • • NextTone soft-switch
  • • Xener soft-switch
  • • AXE switch
  • • NEAX switch
  • • Ascade Carrier Cockpit Suite numbering plan & rates files
*** Note: The CDR which our system can process are not limited to the type listed above.  Our System is designed to process any type of CDR given by clients.

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