Two methods for crowdsourcing data

I spend most of my days visualizing data that folks share with me. But sometimes the world has different plans. Sometimes, without any warning, we’re flooded with raw data and need to make sense of it quickly. Or we know there’s a data story out there, but no single data set pulls it all together. How do you approach this as an individual when there are hundreds (or thousands or millions) of data points to collect, before exploration and visualization can begin? By crowdsourcing a data set, of course.

Crowdsourcing a data set means building it with others. Everyone contributes their own data points to create a data set for others to use.

With all the buzz around the Women’s March taking place all over the world, I tried my hand at crowdsourcing a data set. I wondered: What are the core issues motivating people to march? To find out, I created a survey, which is one of two ways to crowdsource your data.

By Jenny Richards

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