Least Rainfall Forecast In Malaysia

Least Rainfall Forecast In Malaysia

by Noraliza Bt Maat


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Least Rainfall Forecast in Malaysia Tableau-viz

Water supply is extremely important for our daily activities. Water shortage is an issue that parts of Malaysia have experienced. The ultimate source for water supply is none other than the rain. Low rainfall distribution could cause drought and Malaysia has recently experienced drought in 2014. West coast of Malaysia is affected the most by this phenomenon. As you can conclude with logic, drought can cause water shortage which will lead to water rationing so that everyone could have the same water consumption. But this can surely effected their mundane activities. The drought that suddenly struct Malaysia in 2014 has left the Malaysia unprepared. They didn't have the time nor the information to prepare themselves. Many other impediments that drought can bring are hacking cough, skin diseases and respiratory disruption. Food supplies shortage is also taken affected by the drought because of the dying vegetal. Therefore, the society has to stay alert and well informed about the locations that receive the least rainfall distribution for the coming years so that can prepare themselves if mother nature ever wants to struck again.

Rainfall Distribution

The visualization below shows a map of Distribution Rainfall Forecast in Malaysia. Each circles represents a city. The colour indicates the amount of rainfall for that particular city. The amount of rainfall are increasing start from darkest red to bright red and then bright blue to blue . The user can choose the year to see the distribution of rainfall in that year for particular timeline by selecting from the menu on the upper side of the graph.

10 Places With The Least Rain

This next data visualization shows the 10 cities with least rainfall forecast with the rank. Same as before, the user can choose the year for particular timeline by selecting from the menu on the upper side of the dashboard to see the cities with least rainfall forecast in Malaysia.

Rainfall Variations

The dashboard below features the map of 10 cites with least rainfall forecast and the heat maps of amount of rainfall forecast for every month. User can know which month that has the least rainfall forecast for that particular year by selecting from the menu on the upper side of the dashboard. From the heat maps, user will know the trend of distribution of rainfall in a year. User commonly will asks, which month usually has the least rainfall for a specific city? User can get the answer by select a specific circle that represent the city in the map and then the heat maps will only shows the rainfall forecast for that city. Visit our company's Tableau Public Profile. But don’t take our word for it. Explore Tableau business intelligence 9.0 features here. Or try it for free by downloading it here. OR Technologies is a Tableau Reseller in Malaysia. With over 10 years of experience in IT, it is one of the pioneers in business intelligence in the country. For inquiries about Tableau and how you can start using it in your company, call 03-50218364 or email sales@ortechnologies.net. Get a free 14-day full version trial of Tableau by clicking here.