Faster and Deeper Insights for Internal Audit Through Self-Service Analytics

Faster and Deeper Insights for Internal Audit Through Self-Service Analytics

Faster and Deeper Insights for Internal Audit Through Self-Service Analytics

The Aim

Discover how internal audit and compliance professionals are using the power of self-service data analytics. We will share on how the professionals have leveraged data to do their jobs better and faster – And have been recognized for making an impact in their organizations.

This event is specially catered for Internal Audit Division of all ministries and agencies in Malaysia. Auditors without programming background and IT personnel are most welcome to join us to discover and experience how self-service data analytics can boost up the performance and effectiveness of your Internal Audit Division. You will also witness the most powerful self-service data analytics tool hands-on demo in person. A tool that will deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks.

Benefits of self-service analytics in Internal Audit (IA)

  • Analytics for everyone: Everyone in an IA Team can perform analytics and build auditory dashboards – It’s a cultural shift.
  • Greater insights – Transform audit, increase audit quality, and create more impact.
  • Increased coverage – Identify more risks and opportunities.
  • Generate and deliver more forward-looking recommendations quickly – From auditors to business advisors.
  • Minimal Investment, tangible and quicker ROI.
  • Work smarter and reduce costs by building and deploying continuous audit and monitoring mechanisms.

Why Should You Attend?

During this demo, we’ll introduce you to Alteryx and Tableauand answer any questions about its capabilities for IA. You’ll see first-hand why these tools are the preferred self-service analytics tools for IA Team. You will also learn;

  • How Alteryx and Tableau can help you in analyzing your audit data.
  • How to examine more data within limited time span. Most financial and operational transactions are moving online, and the number of variables, outliers, trends, and patterns to identify and analyze continue to increase each day.
  • How to analyze and understand structured or unstructured data of any size faster way, without IT assistance.
  • How to speed up and improve decision making with heat maps, bubble charts, and interactive dashboards that are easy for C-suite executive, non-technical business users, and stakeholders to understand.
  • How to connect, cleanse and join your audit data from multiple sources or multiple Excel files.
  • Perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics without programming.
Our passion is helping people and organizations see and understand data. Let us show you how the modern self-service data analytics platforms like Alteryx and Tableau enables deeper insights from data, faster than ever before. ​Thousands of companies and data analysts worldwide rely on Alteryx & Tableau without writing any code!Alteryx and Tableau are the Leading Platforms for Self-Service Data Analytics. OR Technologies is the authorized partner reseller of Alteryx and Tableau in Malaysia.